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In a press statement sent out on yesterday evening Thursday, March 8 by Songa Offshore/Transocean the news came out that I, Bjørnar Iversen had resigned as the company’s CEO, effective March 6.

I must say a remarkable journey has come to an end, that ended with great success! A $3.4 billion (NOK 26.4 billion) worth deal, with the sale of Songa Offshore to Transocean.

We have now as management handed over a fantastic company to Transocean, built by a team of competent, committed and enthusiastic people. This has been a journey that I had the privilege to lead as the CEO since 2013.

We have together solved and overcome numerous challenges, shoulder by shoulder, operated rigs, solved technical, legal and financial challenges, taken delivery, mobilized and brought into operation 4 new semi-submersible drilling rigs on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. Many in Songa Offshore will recognize the quote I have used during the “battles” by Sir Winston Churchill; “If you're going through hell, keep going.” I am very proud of the teams’ world class achievements– we have sure kept going.

What I am mostly proud and glad for is that we have not had any serious injuries with our employees or our competent suppliers during the almost 40 million man-hours in the operations and during the projects over the past 5 years.

I would like to thank all the contributors to the Songa Offshore success.

I naturally resign now, since the “handover” of the company is finalized. I would like to thank Statoil, the shareholders, the Board of Directors and in particular Chairman Mr. Frederik Mohn, bank and bondholders, suppliers, advisers and ALL my colleagues in Songa Offshore - for an exceptional cooperation.

Furthermore, I wish Transocean and CEO Jeremy Thigpen and all previous Songa Offshore employees that continue in Transocean, good luck with the operations of the Cat D rigs – they did not come without some extraordinary efforts!

Bjørnar Iversen, CEO, Songa Offshore SE


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