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Founded in 2015, by oil and software industry veterans, Oliasoft provides modern software solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our first product, Oliasoft Wellplan, is getting close to world-wide release and we need more developers to help us expand our markets, both product-wise and geographically.

Our products optimize designs and production processes, leading to safer production, less waste and lower costs. We do this by combining industry leading commercial and academic research with modern software platforms and distribution. We do not require that you know our industry already (oil and gas domain), but if you do you typically have a leg up. Our first product targets well planning processes such as trajectory-, casing- and tubing design, and later blowout simulations and conductor analysis.

In addition to the usual stuff (full-stack software development, GUI, UX), a lot of what we do involve modelling physical processes (high pressure/high temperature, gas/liquids, multiphase flows) so you need some appreciation for physics and maths as well.

Specifically we are looking for experienced senior software developers and promising juniors willing to work in the Oslo, Norway region. You need to be curious by nature. You may have one or more specialities under your belt, but we expect you to contribute, both at the front- and back-end if needed. You need to be able to navigate both Windows and Unix-based computers; we don’t care which one is your favourite.

You need front-end javascript experience, including at least one popular framework with tooling. We do expect that most developers fitting the category we are looking for have some back-end and server-side experience as well.

Ideally, you’ll have experience with at least a few more languages than javascript. If you’ve done some low-level stuff, we can appreciate it. We’re already utilizing WebGL in the browser, but we’re also thinking about how we can utilize the GPU client-side for things we’re currently doing server-side using high performance math libraries, GPU/CUDA/OpenCL and similar. And we like shiny 3D things presented in real time – we all have plenty of gaming experience, but please don’t hold it against us.

Here’s what we can offer the right candidates:

  • Computers of your choice (e.g. 5K/4K screen+computer, MBP, MSB, Linux etc)
  • A developer focused organisation (we build and sell products, not billable hours)
  • Editor of your choosing, as long as it’s the right one
  • Highly competitive benefits
  • A flexible and fun place to work

If you’re interested please get in touch (please use our Contact Form).


Marius Kjeldahl
CTO (fancy talk for first developer to join)


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Founded in 2015, by oil and software industry veterans Oliasoft provides modern software for the oil and gas industry. Our web-based products bring a fresh perspective to well planning, casing and other drilling engineering processes. We are proud to introduce Wellplan™, a cutting edge cloud-based web application with a highly usable interface offering easy access to tools employing algorithms and calculations based on the latest industry research. Wellplan™ radically simplifies drilling work processes, making data available for every task required for designing well trajectories and casing and tubing design. Our goal is to develop software that help drilling engineers in their challenges of making cost efficient, safe and effective wells.
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