Dear Marketing Director at ROG Ship Repair

Editorial by Chul Christian Aamodt, CEO, enerWE AS.

Dear Marketing Director at ROG Ship Repair. This week, Nor-Shipping was arranged at Lillestrøm. While we filmed video interviews, two young girls passed in tight white suits. They went back and forth promoting an internet address at their bum.

Dear Marketing Director at ROG Ship Repair. I have previously worked as sales and marketing director in the industry, and I have also been invited to hire blonde girls who could promote our products and services. We never took any discussion about this in our management team. I would very much like to be a fly on the wall in the management meeting where you discussed whether to rent these girls or not. What counter-arguments were raised in the meeting? What did you not prioritize? Chocolates?

Dear Marketing Director at ROG Ship Repair. At Nor-Shipping there were about thousand exhibitors, and about 35,000 delegates from more than 80 different countries. I am aware that it is common practice hire booth babes at international fairs. At the Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) in Stavanger, there are also exhibitors who have bodypainting of female models at the booths to win attention. Since there is a market for booth babes, I assume that it can also work as good marketing for some. In an industry where men make deals with men. I have been a part of the industry since year 2000. I know what it’s like to have customers and partners who expect to finish the evening at the strip club. Therefore, I also know that it is possible not to attend at such happenings.

Dear Marketing Director at ROG Ship Repair. The oil industry is struggling with bad reputation. In the long run, it is negative for the oil industry and the shipping industry that the most talented young heads no longer seek the industry. This week we were invited to give a lecture for the Youth Panel, established by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to promote the industry and to establish better communication between politicians and youths. We wish to highlight all the great things about industry. Dear Marketing Director. Do you consider the industry reputation when you hire young girls in tight-fitting suits with internet addresses at their bum? Do you build positive reputation for your industry?

It’s quite innocent to hire young girls in tight-fitting outfits with an internett address at their bum. At the same time,it says something about those who are in the management of the company and their view of women. It also says something about the company’s customers. Therefore, unfortunately, it also says something about the industry.

Dear Marketing Director at ROG Ship Repair. You are most welcome to answer my questions.

Have a great weekend!


Chul Christian Aamodt, CEO enerWE AS.

PS: I understand that we will not get ROG Ship Repair as a customer of enerWE.